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Asian IVD Congress & Exhibition Indonesia

Find out an optimum channel in Indonesia

Network with senior executives to build your business relationship

Inspire talent by discussing and exchanging experience on project development with local and international developers and license holders

Take access to the advanced technologies and innovations to raise efficiency

Seek new investing opportunities in Indonesia

Understand the registration of policies and negotiate with the government so as to enter the market development

To join Asian IVD Congress & Exhibition Indonesia, you’ll get the chance to network with more than 500+ attendees from local government,hospitals, local IVD Associations, leading technical suppliers of IVD industry, local distributors etc., and also have the chance to take a detailed lesson on the IVD development in and related regulations of Indonesia and latest technologies in IVD industry form 25+ speakers!

Date: Bali, Indonesia, 2-3 July, 2015

Event organizer: INCS Group

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